Day 1 / July 23 (Tue)

9:00-9:45 (West Bldg. 9, room 218)

9:50-10:00 (West Bldg. 9, room 218)

10:00-11:30 (West Bldg. 9, room 218)
SAR basics and data interpretations at imaging, interferometry, polarimetry, radio&geometry, calibration, irregularity and the application (Prof. Masanobu Shimada, Tokyo Denki University)

12:50-14:20 (West Bldg. 9, room 218)
PolSAR Data Decomposition and its Applications (Prof. Yoshio Yamaguchi, Niigata University)

14:40-17:10 (West Bldg. 9, room 218)
SNAP for ALOS-2 processing (Dr. Tsutomu Yamanokuchi, RESTEC)

Day 2 / July 24 (Wed)

Departure from Ookayama

Tour at NIED

Sentinel Asia: International collaboration among space agencies, disaster management agencies, and international agencies to support disaster management with satellites.(Dr. Shiro Kawakita, JAXA)
SAR missions and applications (Mr. Masato Ohki, JAXA)

Tour at JAXA

Arrival at Ookayama

Day 3 / July 25 (Thu)

10:00-11:30 (West Bldg. 9, room 218)
Optical remote sensing and image processing (Prof. Mauro Dalla Mura, GIPSA-lab, Tokyo Institute of Technology)

13:00-14:30 (West Lecture Bldg. 1 (West Bldg. 5), room 541)
Public seminar (Prof. Paolo Gamba, University of Pavia)
“Remote sensing and human activities:
a new research path for social sciences and human health monitoring”

15:00-18:00 (West Bldg. 9, room 218)
Google Earth Engine – Planetary-scale platform for Earth science data & analysis (Mr. Yasushi Onda, Google)

Day 4 / July 26 (Fri)

10:00-11:30 (West Bldg. 9, room 218)
Deep learning for remote sensing image analysis (Prof. Claudio Persello, University of Twente)

13:00-14:30 (West Bldg. 9, room 218)
Scalable and accurate methods for information discovery from big EO data archives (Prof. Begüm Demir, Technische Universität Berlin)

15:00-18:00 (West Bldg. 9, room 218)
Hands-on practice of disaster damage mapping (Dr. Bruno Adriano, RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project)

18:00- (Centennial Hall)

Note : All courses are lectured in English.

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